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Advantages of Lithium Batteries
  • Weight - Lithium Batteries are 75% lighter than lead acid type batteries
  • Smaller size for the same power
  • No maintenance required!
  • Moisture proof!
  • Life span is 3 times that of a lead acid battery
  • Store a charge longer and can withstand charge/discharge cycles better than lead acid batteries
  • No volatile gassing!
  • No acid or fumes to eat metal
  • High thermal stability!
  • Destructive testing does not induce fire!
Mount anywhere in any position!
No memory issues!
  • Flat discharge curve equals more power!
  • Superior electrical performance
  • Provides constant level power in case of alternator failure
  • Great for infrequent starts
  • No trickle charging needed unless there is a parasitic drain
  • Ratio of the maximum safe output current possible to the rated capacity of the battery is much higher than in lead acid
  • Lithium batteries need less "rated amps" to accomplish teh same amount of work, e.g., lithium batteries can dump or absorb hugh amounts of current per their rating
  • Can sit idle for years with only a 5 percent self-discharge per year

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