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Ecocentricity Solar Panel (UPG87530)

The Ecotricity Eco-1800S is an 1,800 watt solar generator, the environmentally friendly way to supply reliable off-the-grid portable power. Designed for use while camping, tailgating, or even during power outages, the Eco-1800S can be taken anywhere. The generator is ready to use right out of the box, and the folding, high-efficiency solar panel can be easily stored. The solar panel is on a cart with wheels for easy mobility and easy positioning to capture optimum solar rays. 1 year warranty on base, 5 year warranty on solar panel.

Powers up to 5 AC devices and 1 DC device!
• Uses clean renewable energy as an alternative to gas generators
• Hassle-free setup with no assembly required
• Solar panel includes wheels and folds down for easy portability and storage
• Charges via high efficiency solar panel or AC

Essential Info
Replacing your gas generator with a more environmentally-friendly version eliminates emissions to help protect the environment and saves you money on fuel costs. With this Ecotricity Solar Generator, you can use the natural energy of the sun to power multiple devices at once. The generator features an 1800W inverter, one DC adapter, and five AC outlets (one located on the front and four on the back of the unit). Charge the generator internal battery with the solar panel or via AC power. LED indicators exhibit which method is charging the device and its current battery state so you can always be sure when you have the ideal battery power

The solar panel folds down for easy storage and is attached to a wheeled cart for added portability. When you are ready to charge, simply unfold the panel and attach to the generator with the power cord. Angled to absorb the optimal amount of the suns rays, the panel's high-efficiency solar cells allow for quick recharging. When you are done recharging, store the power cord behind the panel, fold it up, and tuck it away. Use the generator for camping, tailgating, and other outdoor events without sending emissions into the air. Or keep the generator charged as a backup power source for lights, cordless phones, TV, radios, fans, or other household appliances you want to keep running.

Easy positioning to capture  optimum summer/winter solar rays
No assembly required.
Battery Type: Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA)
Cord Length: 50 ft.
Number of Outlets: 6
CSA Listed: Yes

Aerobatteries Item Number: UPG87530
List Price: $1995.00
Aerobatteries Price: $1575.00
Ecocentricity Solar Panel
List Price : $1,995.00
Our Price : $1,575.00  ea
You Save : $420.00 (21%)

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