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About AeroBatteries

After over 30 years in the aircraft sales business, Ron Farish began researching aircraft batteries and found the Hawker line of AGM batteries. Impressed with the quality, the ease of use and the fact there was no lead acid spillage to deal with by converting to the AGM batteries, he began by ordering the batteries and using them in his own aircraft. With the great performance and the quality of the battery, he was convinced this was the way to go!

And so, he began the close association with Enersys, a USA company, and created his own battery company, Aerobatteries, in 2003.

Aerobatteries is moving forward with the latest technology in the battery industry by expanding into the lithium battery world. And we're just on the verge of where we will go with our own state-of-the-art lithium products!! Watch as our own line of products continues to grow.

Ron Farish continues to lead Aerobatteries along with our technical team, lead by George Tsingo as head of our aviation research and development department.

Teresa Farish came on board as head of the Marketing Department in January, 2012.

Melissa Strait began working in April, 2012 as Sales Coordinator and Office Manager.

All of us here at Aerobatteries share the ideal of providing the highest quality customer service for our clients,. We're here to assist you in securing the best power source for your battery need!

Ron Farish of Aerobatteries George Tsingo of Aerobatteries
Ron Farish George Tsingo
Teresa Farish of Aerobatteries Melissa Strait of Aerobatteries
Teresa Farish Melissa Strait
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